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– Lin Yutang

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Wisatasekolah.com adalah Perusahaan Perencanaan Wisata Edukasi pertama di Indonesia yang menggunakan konsep sesuai dengan kurikulum sekolah. Dibawah naungan PT. Wiyata Saba Indonesia sebagai pelopor Educational Tour Management Company, kami menawarkan beragam paket wisata pendidikan mulai dari field trip, study tour dan kunjungan yang bersifat edukasi lainnya untuk sekolah, universitas dan tenaga pendidik. Kami juga memiliki program wisata untuk perusahaan (Outing) dan kelompok lainnya dengan konsep Educational & Experiential Tourism.

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There is so many destination that related to Educational Trip. Just call our Trip Secialist to discuss it. Or do you have an idea…?

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It is not easy to create a Trip Itinerary based on actual conditions. Our Trip Specialist will help you along the process from scratch till it’s done…

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Calculating an ideal trip with an ideal budget can be very stressfull. Tell us everything you need for the trip, and we made it for you…

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What you see is what you get… They are the responsible person of this unique company…

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Irwan Thamrin
Founder & CEO
His passion about Learning Outside of The Classroom has led him to create Wisatasekolah.com, The First School Trip Organizer in Indonesia.

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Chanda Adwityo
COO / Guide
Chanda is a person who likes to tell everything about Indonesia and Jakarta. Just visit Jakarta Good Guide if you want to know more…

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Dewi Arianti
Trip Manager
This former teacher has proven that teaching and travelling can be very usefull for life. That’s why she became A Trip Manager…

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Anita Sari
Trip Specialist
Anita is a Trip Specialist that committed delivering high quality educational travel experiences. with outstanding personal customer service.

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Gita Ganesa
Public Relation
Our Public Relation who likes maintaining good relations with customers using social media campaigns. Gita is a writer specialising in technology of all kinds.

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Fikri Fauzan
IT Support
Our IT Support who loves hiking and travelling. Young enough to have grown up with the Internet. Old enough to remember a telephone line.

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Now we have transformed in to The largest Indonesian Educational Travel Group of Companies with various program; Island Exploring with Jelajahpulau.com, Cultural & Heritage Tour with Indoroadmap.com and Jakarta Daily Walking Tour with Jakarta Good Guide.
2016 - At Present
Mastering in these bussiness, we are trusted to manage several locations to become an aducational tourism objects and give an advisory with our multiple activities.
2015 - Our Improvement Areas
2 years of existence with remarkable progress, we are expanding the scope of the products into educational travel company that reach not only for school and student market but also for corporate and general tourist.
2014 - Targetting Bigger Vision
We are the fastest growing Educational Tour Company in Jakarta and specialise in providing Educational Tours such as Fieldtrip, Study Tour and other educational visits.
2013 - Empowering Employees
Wisatasekolah.com was founded by Irwan Thamrin in 2012 as a Schol Trip Organizer. His passion about Learning Outside the Classroom has brought him to setled as The Fisrt School Trip Organizer in Indonesia.
2012 - Early History
Year - 2012

From our target for total number of students based on educational travel needs in 2012

Year - 2013

From our target for total number of students based on educational travel needs in 2012

Year - 2014

From our target for total number of students based on educational travel needs in 2012

Year - 2015

From our target for total number of students based on educational travel needs in 2012


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Simply, we’ve been inspiring learning longer than anyone else. From local contacts to health and safety issues, our experience in the business gives us a huge advantage. This means we can help you with whatever you are looking for, let us know, and we’ll put together something unique.