Bali Eco Green Camp Program

Indonesia Study Tour – Bali Eco Green Package is specifically designed to give students to experience the Indonesian way of living in Bali, to practice their Culture in a real life situation and to broaden their understanding of other cultures. Students will visit the Green School Bali, it’s known for the ecologically-sustainable design and focus on sustainability education for young students.


Indonesia Study Tour – Bali Eco Green Camp Program


Indonesia Study Tour – Bali Eco Green Package is the best educational tour package. Tourism in Bali has had an extensive history and can be traced back to the landing of the Dutch on the island in 1597. This was Bali’s first contact with the Western world. The Dutch, who ruled Bali for a period of time, were attracted to the possibility of making a profit from the island’s resources, which were limited.

In this time, Bali has benefited from the growth of tourism. But, however, also been some negative effects, mostly to Bali’s natural environment. Mass tourism to the area has affected water resources, increased pollution, contributed to local flooding and has put pressure on the island’s roads and transport. The water quality of coastal areas has deteriorated which has contributed to the destruction of coral reefs.

Help us to cure Bali by understanding their Local wisdom and GIVE DONATION to Turtle Conservation from this package.


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