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Planning an unforgettable student trip can be complicated and stressfull. You could plan your school trip on your own or let an experienced School Trip Organizer customise a complete package for you.

That’s why WisataSekolah manage all the details and provide you with timely information and online tools to make the entire process clear, efficient, and organized. By taking the stress out of the process, your trip will be truly enjoyable for both you and your students.


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We are here for you

Simply, we’ve been inspiring learning longer than anyone else. From local contacts to health and safety issues, our experience in the business gives us a huge advantage. That’s why we are here for you.

We made it for you

No two teachers—or schools are alike. Our expert trip specialists will hand-craft the tour and itinerary that best meets your needs, curriculum, age group, interests, budget and more.

We make it simple

We handle the nitty gritty, removing the stress that comes with planning and managing a trip. From the organizing stages to the moment you return, we’re with you every step of the way.

Hands Free Trip Planning

You’re a teacher—not a tour operator. That’s why we handles all aspects of the trip planning process. From transportations, meals, hotel and travel arrangements, we handle it all—because you’ve got classes to teach.

Good Relationship

We have strongly working relationship with Venues, Hotels, Airline, Bus Provider, Catering, and the whole part of journey. That’s why travelling with us allowing to get the best experience of your trip.

Safety Above All

From our 24 hour customer support line, to our meticulously vetted travel and transportation partners, when it comes to safety and security, we spare no expense. Because we know we’re carrying precious cargo.


Educational Tours are statistically one of the safest environments for children to be in, and travel safety assessments play a key part in this. Travel Safety Assessments was written in response to the large number of Group Leaders that seek help with completing their own risk assessments for Wisatasekolah.com (WS) Educational Tour.
Please remember, whilst there are many ways to complete a risk assessment. The most important thing is that you have taken time to consider what could go wrong and decided on appropriate measures to control the risk.
By choosing WS as your School Trip partner, you will save a considerable amount of work, be able to show due diligence and demonstrate good practice. This is part of particular importance if you are considering organising residential tours yourself, even in Jakarta. Ask our Educational Trip Specialist for details of how WS can assist you in this area by organising a preview visit to your chosen destination.
The following helpful guide offers a starting point from which you can build your own individual Group Management Plan, and is intended to prompt consideration of common areas where hazards might exist. It is advisable to use this generic guide as a starting point to assist you in selecting and adding control measures which are appropriate for you and your group if you were choosing WS.

Secara statistik Wisata Edukasi adalah salah satu lingkungan yang paling aman bagi anak, dan penilaian keselamatan perjalanan wisata memiliki peranan yang sangat penting. Penjelasan mengenai penilaian secara tertulis dapat membantu anda yang membutuhkan pertolongan pertama/darurat pada saat kegiatan wisata edukasi bersama Wisatasekolah.com (WS).
Harap diingat bahwa begitu banyak cara untuk melengkapi penilaian keselamatan perjalanan wisata. Hal yang paling terpenting adalah anda bersedia menyisihkan waktu untuk mempertimbangkan kemungkinan yang akan terjadi dan memutuskan tindakan apa yang akan dilakukan untuk mengurangi resiko.
Dengan memilih Wisatasekolah.com sebagai mitra pelaksana kegiatan wisata edukasi, anda akan menghemat banyak waktu dan pekerjaan serta mampu menampilkan serta menunjukkan pelaksanaan kegiatan wisata yang baik. Hal ini cukup penting untuk anda pertimbangkan bahkan untuk wisata di dalam kota Jakarta. Tanyakan kepada Trip Spesialist kami mengenai bagaimana caranya Wisatasekolah.com dapat membantu anda mengunjungi terlebih dahulu dastinasi wisata edukasi yang anda inginkan.
Beberapa panduan dibawah ini dapat membantu memudahkan perencanaan penilaian keselamatan wisata anda. Sangat disarankan bagi anda untuk menggunakan panduan ini sebagai langkah awal dalam menentukan kegiatan wisata edukasi yang sesuai dengan anda dan grup anda apabila anda memilih Wisatasekolah.com.